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Helping EdTech companies grow internationally at a scale and pace that suits their needs


How GEST is helping EdTech companies grow internationally

Welcome and thanks for visiting our website.

I’m Danny Yeow, Founder and CEO of Global Education Strategy Team Ltd. (GEST).

​EdTech has been a growing industry for a long time and with COVID-19 having had a huge impact on schools worldwide, EdTech is now more relevant than ever.

Yet, moving into the international space can be a daunting prospect. There can be a bottomless pit where money, time and resources can be wasted and can take misguided companies to the brink of existence.

After more than 13 years’ experience working in the sector, GEST Consultancy was created to give EdTech companies the knowledge, expertise, strategy and resource to grow internationally at a scale and pace that suits their individual needs.

We work closely with a number of approved EdTech and Education suppliers to provide insight and Go-To-Market strategies in line with their own business requirements.

Deliberately, we have options available that cater for start-ups, SMEs and large enterprise businesses alike. For our full list of services, click here.

Whether you are new to international education and are exploring new avenues, looking to improve your current international strategy, wanting to break into new territory or are ready to invest in a completely new sales team and Go-To-Market strategy, GEST Consultancy will provide a package suitable for your needs.

Fill in your details at the bottom of the page and we'll be in touch to discuss your future in the sector.



Ian Hunter - Commercial Director

"Danny is a great guy and an asset to any company.

I hired him at WCBS to develop our international business in new territories and he did a fantastic job from start to finish.
Danny has an excellent style and understands the international schools market incredibly well which was a huge help to us."

Will Jordan - Co-founder IMP

"PS Financials were a market leading presence in the UK but had minimal international presence. Danny brought the expertise of the international education sector we needed, putting together and delivering a strategy in line with our budget and sales ambitions. 
Danny is a great guy who I would highly recommend."

Glen Hyde - Growth Director

"Danny led our strategic push into the international market across all of IRIS Education Group. His skill-set and knowledge of which products best suited particular markets allowed us to spend our time, money and effort in markets that would see best ROI. Not only would I recommend Danny, I hope we will work together again soon"

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