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NEWS: Meet the new GEST team

I am really excited to tell you that GEST is expanding and the fantastic people who have joined the team will really elevate the business to the next level in the EdTech sector.

As well as being great people, they also bring a huge amount of experience and understanding to the market.

This will enable GEST to not only provide a better service for existing clients but we will also be able to offer more to new businesses we get involved with.

Learning experience

These are truly exciting times for the company. Much as I have 15 years of experience in the industry myself with a good network of contacts and drive to be successful, there are obvious limitations to working solely on your own.

I have been blessed to work with some incredible people in my career so far who I have learned from and continue to learn from. The colleagues that have joined GEST will only add to that learning experience.

They all have years of experience in different geographies and different types of educational establishments and will bring additional value to the company in a number of ways.

Asian market

Let me introduce them to you.

Greg Martin has lots of experience and lived in Malaysia for a number of years. He provides a great understanding of the Asian market and has worked with a number of household EdTech names. There is natural overlap with some of my own work in Europe and MENA and provides us with additional ideas to grow the network and collaborate together to expand a foothold in those regions.

Martin Creevy is our lead for higher education and further education. The HE and FE market is very different from schools and nurseries so having a specialist in this area is fantastic for GEST.

Lee Sadler was one of the first people I worked with in EdTech when I started my journey 15 years ago and was someone who I looked to for a guiding hand back then. Lee is typically doing our work in the UK and has managed sales for EdTech teams so has a natural overlap with GEST’s core business.

We will also have hands on the ground in South America through Antonio Correia. Antonio has many years of experience in Latin America and has been successful in public tenders, securing some ministry of education deals as well as working with schools in the region.

Antonio will also provide us with Spanish and Portuguese language understanding, which is great because much of that region speaks those languages.

Building that team adds so much value to our business in order to benefit our clients and that is why I am so excited about what 2023 has in store. The new faces all come with serious know-how, a blend of approach and network, and I have worked with them before. They all have my trust and respect.

I am confident that the team is so well balanced now, it can enable us to provide a better service for existing clients and be able to help more people moving forward.

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