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BLOG: Why dieting is like the EdTech industry (yes, really)!

I am about to tell you why New Year dieting is similar to the EdTech industry!

<imagines puzzled faces>

Stay with me on this one.

I had a much-needed break over Christmas and the New Year because I have not had a chance to properly switch off since launching GEST Consultancy two years ago. I am sure many business owners feel the same when they are suddenly masters of their own destiny.

I have come back feeling refreshed and with much to look forward to and get excited about in 2023.

I actually had some time to think as well.

Danny relaxing and having time to think on a well-earned break in Asia.

As I head back into my fitness regime, looking to lose a bit of that weight that I put on during my break, it made me realise just how much the dieting culture is similar to EdTech in a number of ways.

I feel I am reasonably qualified to make such a judgment too seeing as I have 15 years’ experience of the EdTech industry and studied sport and exercise science at university.

Intended outcomes

The reason dieting is similar to EdTech is as follows… people in both sectors should really be putting their time and thought process into their goals and intended outcomes.

Typically, with dieting, people do it because they want to lose some body fat. With EdTech, that end goal should always be to improve the student experience, whilst saving teachers time, money or effort.

Dieting, however, can be over complicated. I know certain programmes where they give food a ‘syn level’! Other plans like intermittent fasting which means you can only eat at certain times and there are others where no carbs are allowed at all…the list goes on.

Danny has headed back into his fitness regime

Basically, the whole idea is to reduce the amount of calories that you are putting into your body, so that you lose fat. If the above work, great - but it can be such an over complicated solution that confuses the individual to get to that end point.

So here we go…

EdTech can be a very overcomplicated process which leads people to lose sight of what the overall goal is.

EdTech solutions

EdTech is supposed to make life easier. The hope is that all EdTech companies are as clear as possible about what the end goal for their customers is and that they make it as simple as possible for people to get there.

Realistically and unfortunately, schools have been fed very complex EdTech solutions for a very long time.

That simple solution should always be around creating a great student experience, while saving teachers time, money and effort.

That goal is what drives us at GEST. To understand more of what we do, how we work and how we can simplify your EdTech processes, please get in touch.

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