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We are here to solve your school's problems, not to sell you products

Our aim with schools, colleges, nurseries or any other type of educational establishment, is to provide them with access to 'best of breed' education companies and education suppliers from around the world.


We will then deliver them in a school-led conversation, rather than a supplier-led conversation.


At GEST, we are proud to be a company that focuses on solving real problems, not selling products.


Working in partnership with schools enables us to use our experience to solve the real problems that schools have both quickly and efficiently.

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We provide your school with best of breed education companies and suppliers from around the world

"I have worked with Danny for several years. He is one of the most personable and knowledgable people I know. He has worked with schools across Europe and the Middle East. He is a pleasure to work with and is somebody that you can absolutely trust."

Ian Hunter - From the Times Educational Supplement (TES) 

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Our expertise can help in the following areas... 

School business and administration

School Management Systems, Management information systems and more.


Attendance, behaviour, student progress, finance, safeguarding and HR data amalgamated to enhance and drive better decisions for schools, groups and ministries.

Teaching and Learning

Content providers, learning management systems, classroom tools and more.


Websites, school and parent apps, teacher-parent-student communication systems.


Cashless school payments, school fee collections, extra curricular activities and more.


Helping schools to attract and retain students with school uniforms by aligning with the environmental and societal values of today’s parents and children.

Tell us your school's problems and let us help to find you a solution.

How can we help?

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