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BLOG: Good products and good people this summer

It has been a really busy time for us at GEST since we attended the Bett event in London.

As we head into the middle of summer, we have started some exciting work with new clients that we are really looking forward to.

TeamOptix are a fantastic company who have made some really interesting software that will help support the wellbeing of both students and staff in schools across the world. Spreading that message is something we feel strongly about at GEST. Only last month, our consultant Greg Martin wrote a candid blog on it for our website.

In partnership with GEST, they have just hosted another ‘wellbeing matters’ webinar, hosted by Dr Will Percy. It was a PD event and offered some valuable insight from a man who has great expertise, given he has been an school leader internationally and a specialist in organisational behaviour and applied psychology.


TeamOptix use AI too, to raise personal awareness of wellness levels and provide individually targeted, innovative mindfulness and coaching tools to help employees develop coping strategies and lead to a more resilient workforce.

We have also started working with Acceler8, with a specific focus on two products in Lexplore and Reading on Your Head.

The TeamOptix logo in black and orange on a white background

Acceler8 are people I know well through work with a previous client and in Lexplore and Reading on Your Head, they have two more innovative products.

Lexplore is an incredible reading service for kids which uses AI, eye-tracking and data to help school children improve their reading. Whilst, Reading on Your Head is a platform which helps children to become independent readers with feedback and encouragement along the way.

Last but not least is Kinderpedia. As a team, we have a lot of experience with MIS/SIS systems – and it’s very good. It’s very different, an award-winning management and communication software which is App-based and offers school and class management, financial management and a portal to communicate with parents.

Middle East

We will be supporting them to enter into the international markets, with a specific focus on the Middle East.

There are some good people at the heart of the new clients we are working with and that is a great place for GEST to be in. Good people and good products.

With the edtech industry busier and more innovative than ever at the minute, it’s going to be an exciting second half of 2023.

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